Leoni Sweets — The Sweetest Thief You’ll Ever Meet!

Leoni Sweets — The Sweetest Thief You’ll Ever Meet!. Leoni Sweets is not sweet at all she is sour and foul like the odor of her roast beef vagina she is really a dom freak on drugs named Kristy made she is a 35 year old whore that tells people she is 29 she has been an addict her entire life the longest she has ever been clean is 3 months and that was because she was in jail. She has no life skills and when she gets laid off from being a ho cause she is too old she might qualify for a job at Denny’s or CVS. She tries to modify her face to look young but she is old af the drugs have taken a toll she does serum treatments but they don’t help she is a devil worshiper and racist I’d rather catch the Corona virus than whatever her nasty stank box has. She has a permanent yeast infection and her womb is so polluted from drugs that she can’t have kid. Watch out for the scum of the earth.

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