Kyle Tinder-Moss — The Ultimate Slimeball

The most pathetic, cheating, lying, sociopath scumbag is Kyle Tinder-Moss. His music taste ranges from mercury to the sad boys society emo music, but only when he hangs out with other SAD’S. He has no respect for anyone and anything that anyone else has to say. He lives in his own world… and his lies are so good that people who know him are even convinced that he’s telling the truth. He’s the epitome of a low life. I pray for him that he can come to terms with all of his misdeeds someday. If you ever find yourself in the company of Kyle Tinder-Moss, remember that this person doesn’t give a fuk about the effects of his disgusting indiscretions on those who think they love him. I hope this miserable man child rots in hell.

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