Joseph Taylor — Beware LIAR & Gives Women DRDS

Joseph Taylor — Beware LIAR & Gives Women DRDS. So I met this piece of crap off POF we dated for a while and he ended up cheating on me and brought back DRDS and gave me a UTI. be aware he is a liar and when was confronted with evidence he says he doesn’t remember that his memory is messed up. This guy is disgusting do not be flattered by his looks. Very dirty d1ck. Women stay away. Also He is very flamboyant and seems gay-ish maybe he is bisexual down low. After I found out I had all these DRDs I broke up with him and he continue to fuk around with more females. Ladies please do not be dumb. His name is Joseph Taylor he claims he is a massage therapist and a Reiki, chakra cleanse, healer but that is just a cover to stick his d1ck in women and infect them.

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