Sara Elsayed Guerra Gold DIgging Psychotic POOR B1TCH GOES Cocked EYED AFTER SUKING TOO MUCH D1CK From SA To EGYPT

Sara Elsayed Guerra Gold DIgging Psychotic POOR B1TCH GOES Cocked EYED AFTER SUKING TOO MUCH D1CK From SA To EGYPT. Homewrecking stupid dumb b1tch of a chafa a55 egyptian woman, who claims to be an evangelist just cause she bopped up jeff from the polygmist cult. b1tch needs to get a douche filled with holy water cause she really needs a cleansing. she’s pretending to be my beautiful deceased wife, and she prances around like a pendeja from egypt sucia ..wears her clothes and even uses my wifes toothbrush, and her breath still be smelling d1ck..dancing around like a dumb a55 cvnt puta. its pathetic and sad that this b1tch is the only b1tch in san antonio who has received disability from suking too much d1ck. then this dumb b1tch wants to have an estate sale of all the sh1t she stole from my kids and grandchild she doesnt even have an estate, the only sh1t she has is her mother that she moved into my house. i cant even have a proper conversation with her because her eyes are going in so many directions. she keeps cooking me the nastiest salty sh1t because she cant even see straight anymore but now I have a smouldering d1ck and a55 crack. she spends all my money on meth and condoms when i have a vasectomy. beware of this skanky a55 h0e, she’s on parole still looking to be a gold digging whore with someone else cause i’m getting too old for her, she’s old enough to be my daughter. once a felon always a felon i guess, when she’s walking around in clothes and jewelry that were my daughter’s and wive’s. thank god for corona so i dont have to smell this nasty as pu55y anymore. this cheap a55 b1tch is trying to get pregnant and force me to reverse my vasectomy just so she can use my grandsons toys that she stole. she ran my kids out of the house after they had spent the past 4 years taking care of their mother that passed away from breast cancer. she beats me up and threatens me. i’m so scared, i’ve tried to escape from her before. i gave up my whole family for this crazy a55 b1tch.

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