Lauren Steiner — USAA Floozy: The Doorknob

I want to put on blast this bleach blonde, narcisstic, drd spreading chick. She thinks she is perfect and has no flaws when she has been married like 3 times! No man in his right mind would want to stay with this type of woman. She also works at usaa and is known as the doorknob. Everyone gets a turn! She will do anyone and messes around with younger guys because she can’t be in stable relationship with mature man. All of San Antonio needs to be on alert because she has drd and has had so many drds that the pharmacy just sends her antibiotics on a weekly basis! Lol On behalf of all of San Antonio, get the hell out of Texas and go back to the farm you came from. Also, she is really a fatty and super fake! Fake tan, spanx, and thinks she is hot but you should see her with no makeup, tan, etc. she is all fake and phony. This chick is almost forty and thinks she is gods gift to women! Last but not least, she is a closet alcoholic! Hope your employer doesn’t realize you come in drunk daily!

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