Crystal Rose Ardila — Home Wrecker/Floozy/McDonalds Burger Flipper

This b1tch looks nothing like her pictures. That’s why they’re all so low quality. She will catfish the shit out of you. After sleeping with her I got an drd!! She’s married with four kids three baby daddies doesn’t even take care of them just drops them off with her mom. She came to me practically begging for d1ck. Sent me pictures of her nasty a55 titties with plate sized areolas her teeth are disgusting pretty sure her gums were bleeding while she was suking my d1ck she slept with my homeboy and my sisters husband b1tch is nasty will give IT up for a fuckin cheeseburger what she needs is a dentist . And she’s cross eyed!!! Stay the hell away from this fat roach.

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