Amanda Honey — Young Pregnant And Ratchet

Introducing Amanda she will fuk anything that is moving including broke people and bums. She doesn’t want a stable home life environment that’s why she moved out from her grandad who passed away and in which she takes that to heart and uses that as a crutch to go from home to home to home and explains that story but once individuals catch onto her bullshit they let her know immediately that it’s time for her to go because of the manipulation process she put into plane to get in there using her family status as a crutch she can get money from time to time by escorting her pregnant body around San Antonio. But nonetheless if you do it with her without a condom you don’t have to worry the baby is not yours it was there already but in which the father of the child is highly unknown. So home life is not an option for her at this moment because she does not want to work and for individuals who assist her by giving her a place to stay you guessed it that sex comes in to play as a return deposit if they’re 84 years old they’re going to get it if there 15 years old they will get it but if she sings you were sad song about her family please do not get engrossed in their conversation it’s almost like hearing violins scratching. She hangs with the low-life scum of San Antonio so watch it when dating this young lady because she would set you up with a staged robbery that almost looks convincing. She has severe mental health issues which hinder her everyday life but nonetheless that does not stop her manipulative ways so once again fellows hold onto your wallets because this girl will steal anything that is not tied down and the funny part of it is that most of the things that she does still are Petty AF.

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