Jay Rose — Jay H0es……..P.S.A ….Warning To All White Women 18-55 Yrs Old

Iam a white woman in america and this man is a leech,parasite will use you for your resources. Preys on women in (medical field .) Specifically nurses that work at Kaiser or Sutter women be careful of this man he will sit on your couch and play his playstation and refuse to work well trying to put children in you that are demon spawn he is actually a descendant from the demon asmodius has 2 or three personalities one is named jay,jayjay,jay rose .rolls around with a sidekick that has down syndrome. Pretends like hes getting housing from the state but hes been using the same lines for the last 5 years now has been homeless for the last 7 years still using the same lines pretends like he gets money but really he doesn’t he takes your money. Smoked way to much marijuana or disrespect you and beat you when your children. Stutters like a broken record PP p’s in battles and lives in around your house. You will always talk to you if you have your own house or your own roof you will definitely use you for a place to stay giving false promises of him getting some place one day but that will never happen. All white women you to worry please look out for this man and if you try to talk to go the opposit way run run for your life. Girl currently located in the fridge area.

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