Nathon Scott Wirll — Reginas Finest Deadbeat Loser

Nathon’s 30 something years old, has 4 or 5 kids. Lives at home with his parents, working out of their garage, using them for every last dime they have. Doesn’t support any of his kids, but brags he’s a good dad. Would rather spend his time drinking and smoking crack n meth or snorting rails all night, instead of spending time with the kids. Claims to be a mechanic, but in reality doesn’t know what he’s doing. Rips everyone off that comes into his path. Talks shit about literally every single one of his friends. This pos thinks he’s literally solid as fuk, but when people go toe to toe, he’s always gotta carry a weapon and can’t fight his own battles. Only thing this pu55y of a man can fight is a women, hence why he’s been charged twice for beating 2 of his exes, while they were pregnant with his children. He’s also got drd and spreads them around for all of Regina. Literally cannot be faithful to anyone, if he’s in a relationship, you’ll still find him ducking all of the dirty Regina floozies. Guys meth habit is sooo bad he’s gotta go take the child tax from his own kids mothers.

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