Jamey Lee Burns — Cheating, Delusional, Narcissistic Sociopath, That Will Ruin Your Life

I first met Jamey 2 years ago, within that time she has robbed other people causing me to get possession charges, and a bunch of weapons charges that I had no part in, she had ruined my name, she stabbed me twice tried to bite my finger off, bit a chunk of flesh off my exterior forearm, called the cops on me for having a weapon in my house which I didnt but it sent me to remand and then she gutted my house of all my belongings, shes cheated on me countless times, and she always plays the victim to gain some meth to shoot into herself, she is the most horrible person I’ve ever met. I’ve replaced all 4 of my houses windows 6 times each from her smashing them out because I refused to let her inside I had to put bars on my windows so she wouldn’t climb in and try to kill me, you would think I deserved this for how badly she treats me, but it is all in her mind and she is cooked and kicked right in, anyone who helps her she robs and steals their car and makeup and cellphones, shes known to go binning for food and items out of garbage cans. Stealing bikes is an everyday thing for her, I’ve givin her countless devices that she breaks or sells for dope, and she doesn’t even clean the house or do dishes shes a worthless cvnt who complains all day long and makes your life hell…avoid her at all cost.

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