Darcy Kyryluik & Cera Leader — Wanna Be Gangster & His Load Mouth B*Tch

Or should it be: Wanna be gangster and her b*tch? Ya, Darcy, talking to you. Cera’s b*tch. Right here are two of Regina’s biggest goofs. Cera (It’s spelt Sara, we saw your diploma) is nothing but a loud mouth lil piggy. She barks like she is one of the bully’s she breads, but is softer that baby sh*t. She talks shit about other women, but can never back anything up. She tries to farm out any of her dirty work. She acts like she’s hard, but could never hack it in the hood. She has her kids…sometimes…but parents them never. She has a Wu-Tang tattoo leg piece going on, but probably couldn’t name 3 tracks. Poor ODB’s face looks like it’s got hail damage now. Just beat. The b*tch spouts off constantly on Facebook. Showing off all her stuff. Cars she buys for birthdays, yard work, basement renovations…sure spend a lot of money for a girl that likely makes less than $20/hr. I wouldn’t let her bl*w me in the dark if no one ever found out. Ya, she’s that gross. Now onto the tough guy. Darcy is a big guy, I’ll give him that. And he’s getting bigger by the day. Fat f*ck is going to have to stop snacking. I wonder what him an Cera look like when they bang, just kidding. You wouldn’t be able to unsee that. He’s a wanna be tough guy, wanna be gangster, wanna be friend, full time goof. 30 years old, walking around with a crooked hat, gold chains (which he’s trying to sell on varage sale), acting tough like he is someone. You are someone Darcy, in your own mind. You can’t keep a job. I don’t know if you slang, but you and your, c*nt b*tch sure spend money and act like you do… Something that makes us laugh the most…is how you’re a name dropper. You know this guy, you know that guy…but do they actually show up when it goes down? Or are you just a bag l*cker. My guess is the latter. And if these guy really know what you were about, they would have nothing to do with you. Maybe we will check you out at the 4 seasons one day, or come say hello up on Rae St. Welcome back to the city you clowns. Just remember, the north end isn’t yours…go back to East View. We also know you called these guys…

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