Your Everyday Greasy F*Ck Boi

Here is your very own greasy f*ck boi who gets women drunk and sleeps with them than treats them like sht, he probably sleeps with one of your friends. He recently got in a car accident and almost died due to drinking and driving his family made a GoFundMe me page and once he was out of the hospital he continued to drink with the GoFundMe page money they people donated, rented a room and partied until he was broke again. He’s 32 years old & lives with his mom still. Cant keep a job because he is to busy being an alcoholic,Has a kid but his sister raises him because his baby momma is a h00ker who sleeps with just about everybody and anybody as long as they have money and dr*gs. The two piece of $h*t parents still sleep with each other when they are done sleeping with other people. Peter wiebe gave my friend a DRD . Help me put this pos on blast

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