Meet Shaun Dell aka Shawn Odell and multiple other names. He likes to supply drugs and booze to UNDERAGE GIRLS especially working girls then he forces himself on them and when they resist he pretends he’s playing . He then gets aggressive even violent , drives to remote or far away locations attempts to force himself on them again and if they still won’t play… He ‘ll violently throw the girl out rain or shine the further the better. If a girl is promised money he does the same. He likes them very young . GIRLS AND WOMEN this guy is infected with multiple DRD’s (a girl seen multiple DRD medications in his vehicle) THIS GUY IS A PREDATOR!!! BEWARE.. take precautions or you’ll be drugged and left in the woods ..He claims He’s CONNECTED but the only thing he’s CONNECTED to is drugging and preying on GIRLS.

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