Mandi Lee Mother Daughter Dirty Duo

This complete waste of space will ruin a man completely and leave him broken…. this chic is a master manipulator who uses men for any and everything … if you can sniff it, snort it, spend it or drive she’ll fuk u for it… She disrespects every Person who comes into her life, she is a man eating sucubus of a parasite that feeds off lies n deceit n drama… she is a compulsive liar who cheats on every boyfriend with multiple men..she whores herself to pay rent and she even fuked her moms old gross ugly boyfriend for money…. the worst part Is that when she cheats the goof losers she fukes are gross discussing pigs … literally greasy nasty men… she has no remorse for the damage she causes other ppl in there lives cuz she’s a home wrecking, slut that has a nasty loose pus*y…. the gash between her legs is so loose u could put an entire bowling in with room to spare…she is incapable of actually loving another person because all she knows is selfishness and head games and lies n backstabbing and how to use ppl… there is nothing good Anywhere whatsoever inside this lost girl…whose heartless in every way… and on top of that she’s not even fukin hot… she’s fat she’s just gross in every way….honestly the person that she truly is is nothing but a waste of skin and air… this narssacistic tart actually truly believes that she’s something special … she thinks her sh1tt don’t stink and that shes sumething of a prize… a great catch a good girl hahaha let me tell u that is thee farthest thing from the truth….before she went to jail she had a bit of an excuse to b a goof cuz she was a junkie….. but these days she’s being the miserable awful mandi from before but this tome she’s clean…she’s not using any drugs at all wich means she is 100% fkd in the head…she has no soul…. she does what she does to men and women and likes it….. she Even robbed the man whom she said she loved oh so much for everything all while bringing other men into HIS home and letting those random gross headed out men use HIS things and to top it off she Fuked most of his friends …. so many of his close buddies whom he still don’t talk to to this day.. who does this to another person they say they love??? Something disraceful called mandi zacheruk the loose dumb whore from pg…. if u ever do get to meet her youll see for yourself… just how cold and evil she is…. no one has to take my word…. she’s very fake and very easy to see thru as long as you don’t let her run her games on you until she crawls in your head destroying any decency u have left….she ruins men and women and loves it… cuz that’s who mandi Lee zacheruk is…. she was taught by her slut gold digging whore of a mother robin zacheruk all her life so I guess you’d call them prince George’s fakest and ugliest mother daughter team haha a duo of destruction… like mother like daughter…her mom even fuked her bf too …. what the fuk right…. haha so if that’s how her mother is and how robin zacheruk raised her lil perfect daughter to be a money taking manipulative snitch of a girl… then that’s all she’ll ever be ….. a dumb stupid little girl that will end up alone with no one… because karmas the same as you are mandi…. ruthless with no feelings …these two bi*ches have a hell of a lot of pain and hurt coming there way ….karma Is vicious and I pray that the same torture she’s put others n myself thru is bestowed on her and her mother…and that’s exactly what they deserve..each other.. good people get together with good people and get to be happy… bad ppl are left miserable and alone …. even if there’s a million people around maid will always be alone feel alone because someone who’s this completely evil and utterly in-capable of having integrity will never know what it is to be a good person… To have a good heart ….to care about someone else….. these witches will always be with themselves only …shell never know tru love or what it feels like she’ll never be capable of giving love to another person… how can she when she has a gaping cold hole where a heart should b. So ladies plz keep ur men close and hold em tight cuz no ones safe with a dirty player like her in town and that’s real talk 100% truth … nothing I said was fake or untrue and I truly do feel you prince georgeians deserve to know the truth about whose a despicable piece of worthless sh1tt that will only ever cause damage in this town and that is y I put this up… not cuz I’m an ex or an angry female but because she’s caused me and mine plus multiple other ppl I know nothing but drama and a hate n pain …she’s exactly the kinda bi*ch this site is for right…. to give our fellow mates a fair warning… so pg be warned the nasty man eating mother n daughter scoundrel squad are out n about…there just waiting for there next victims….. hiding and slithering in the dark just being them sh1tty selves… shitty ppl just get more of the same….. sh1tt …. shi1tt and more sh1tt until mandi and robin will b left with nothing but there sh1t mountain to sit up on and be the sh1tt queens they are congrats idiots…. look what greed and selfish cold heartedness gets u …

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