Logan Child — Farther Like Son

This little pu55y Logan child is just like his dad his dad his also on here He hurt my best friend an used her he made her feel like he actually loved her when he was in love with himself an he never cared about her. he used her for sex … but she wanted a real relationship…. this one time she was dealing with alot an normally a boyfriend wouldn’t have a problem helping his girlfriend but he couldnt even their by talking to her he ignores her almost every day .shes not stupid their is no reason why he cant talk to her shes gets depressed being alone an ive known her since she was 6 I have never met him an you can tell she is not okay an holds the tears back cause he rather do things without her i understand a few days without your other is normal but their entire relationship isn’t He just wants a piece of a55 an he will get you to buy him stuff .hes good with the way he talks he could make anyone fall in love with him Watch out ladies for this one hes a cheater,lier,user drd

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