Leila Brouaseau — Wft Did I Just Read

Nik, I saw this post on fb and could not help but make this post to the dirty. This ratfaced skank runs around the hood with her old enough to be her daddy bf robbing people to pay for their Her.oin habit. But I happend to scroll past loser Leilas post stating how she just wants another baby sp f*!kin badly. Both of these idiots have kids already , neither one is a parent or looks after their kids. Her lives with her family amd he has several already none of which he even has contact with or denies he is the father of. Do the world a favor amd get fixed you losers both already blew your chamce at raising children. The foster system is full enough without another drug baby you thought you wanted for like a minute. Go try parenting the kids you have instead, there must be five atleast between you.

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