Jessica Maddison Smith — Shady

Jessica Maddison Smith — Shady. Oh do i have a person that fits on this page perfectly. Heres Jessica Smith, grade A two timing shallow, selfish, conniving, shady little liar. Cant keep friends because they eventually figure out her lies and can no longer stand her terrible personality. She likes to act like her life and herself is perfect but in reality she has a bf that has continues to cheat on her any chance he gets because she treats him like garbage shes incapable of cleaning up after herself and she can never take responsibility for the things shes done. She lies about her herpes or just doesnt tell people about it, she will backstab ANYONE for her own gain then go around acting like she was a saint the whole time. Shes also a meth head, stealing from her jobs and destined to go nowhere. On kid #2 with the cheater who doesnt even want it. DO NOT GET YOURSELF WRAPPED UP IN HER MIND GAMES. -23 out of 10. Worst person ever.

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