Frank Duward Cain — Registered Sex Offender

This man, is a registered sex offender!! He is not allowed around anyone 16yrs old or younger!!! I found out the hard way. I trusted him and knew hes been around other kids, dated girls with kids, and even has kids… I trusted him to babysit when i was drunk and was going over to someones house to drink and blaze… i came home to cops everywhere my place destroyed by him and blood everywhere!! Found out from cops and mcfd that he is a registered sex offender. Hes locked up right now but will be out by Easter, isnt that sick???? After all this happend i have came to find out he has threatened to burn a woman on fire a few months ago, and also someone has found panties in his backpack.. I want this guys face everywhere!!! The public deserve to know what kind of creep this guy is, and hopefully itll help keep other families, women and children safe from this child predator!!

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