Eddie Sisk Nancy Imbeault — Low Life Crack Head Wife Steal Waste Of Skin

This guy is a work of art user to the max welfare bum would of Warcraft loser does not care about no one but him self crack and meth out as much he can we he had a friend he was jealous of he always had a job and nice thing moved in with him ones tried to steal a girl on him he flipped out kick him out the whole time was leeching money and what ever he could of this nurse used her did not and ever will care for anyone but him self moved in with his friend again and found out his girl friend was a manic cheating whore that sold her ads behind her mans back to a couple slugger daddy’s but he so low they fck in the same house as him wanting to get caught didn’t care she lied to his M so much even tho he knew she was a compulsive cheater that craves risky sex when manic she’s bipolar manic cheating she rushed for it she fck both us he didn’t care she drove him insane to the point he wanted to goto the HOSPTAIL he was going to kill himself she say only way he was leaving in a cop car he envy what he had we this man flipped out went to jail he was engaged to her that night but he let him call her from jail to see how much money we could get off him and his family him and he let her out lost the house her other man got her well he wanted everything he had the took it all even his kid pictures nothing to them locked him out his face book stole all his clothes he had to buy new ones when he got out lied said he owed damages his name was on the lease he talked to the land Lord said She had left nothing there the landlord said he owed nothing for damage she take the loses they both are using evil people Nancy was with that guy for over three year lied and cheated sold her as to married men for cash just mind fck that guy almost to death she told him masturbating was cheating so he didn’t and she got off fcking other men knowing he was so faith full he wouldn’t even do that while other men where see inside her she even took a couple calls when he was in jail and let Eddie fck her while talking to him

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