Chantelle Gaisson — Making Daddy Proud

If the shoe fits wear it if the soap cleans wash it,an if you want free drd’s shes gots it, only cuffed it was some soft sh1t.. Now her cl1ts used a55 is punched out and shes a bought b1tch.. Should pr1bably should have slit her wrist before daddys soul was floatin of in the hot wind shes a straight sin who needs a coffin with clean sheets and refreshment or mint literally crazy a55 fuk like seriously that part thats like” vin vin vin “im on a chainsaw murder binge cause the fridge where i live was holdin koolaid not no jib. Seriously she shoulda started honestly experimenting with drugs at 16 like the rest of us but instead she did this squid and brought this world a kid or kids who knows with these hoes . anyways yes my name is lil miss elle on all amature porn sites i know its not the most apropriate job for a woman of my age but im still fairly moist so all these old suggar daddys dont mind no diff then fuking a deboned ham thats been recored and reboned yes im off track but i really wanted to mention my most preciaous of all my 2 prized possesions #1thejib #2pipe an lighter #3 d1ckd1ck and a55 to mouth anal buckaking bondage animae whatever the fuk there is to fuk suck or smoke besides take care of my only daughter that is now 4 years old fortunatly i only started on hard drugs 8 months or so ago and my brain isnt complete mush i can still moan.. Oh an i can oh oh pick me !!!! Pick me !! Yes yes i can also clean a used a douche every now and again after me an my trapqueens get cleaned up for anyday that ends in wh”y”the fck are my toenails falling off meth isnt sopposed to do this they told me it would just make me skinny well here i am 20 years of age a prowd owner of a loose smelly a55 gash a boared out ass a babys girls life thrown in the trash no cash no dash or looks to flash im a straight up cunt with a book to take names and slot to shove your money haha or whatevers funny hunny no no i swear my pu55y aint crumby i checked when i cleaned up and sprayed frebreeze on my tummy eww no yep ok hes cvmming ….. They want me to kill my self i just wanted to feel myself

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