Ashley Szederkenkyi — Little Ridden Riding Hoe

Alrighty i seen you got put on here today aaannndddd had to add to your other post. This little “lady” was the sluttiest girl imaginable from 5somes to screwing half her exes friends in highschool, now as an adult banging half her male co workers and still cheating on every guy she meets. Hell id be surprised if she isnt screwing her boss too but thats just one girls opinion lol. Shes never even heard the word morals, this girl was screwing 3 guys from the same friend group at the same time, just jumping from bone to bone, no surprize there dirty b1tches like putting dirty bones in their mouths. I feel sorry for any guy that tries with this hole in the dark. So ashley if you ever reafdthis just remember all those girls that you fuked their boyfriends and all the guys you cheated on…yeah we remember your little hoe a55 and we all get to laugh at you now. And whoever winds up dating her just remember shes not yours its just your turn on the amussment ride.

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