Shannon Jobb — Caution: DRD!!!

So this dirty jib whore has had herpes since she was 17 yet she doesnt tell her partners this information. And there be alot of them!!! She has passed on drd (not to mention others DRDs like Drds to SEVERAL guys now and when confronted about it she laughs and acts like it’s no big deal. She gets off on giving it to others and gets offended when guys try to put a rubber on to fuk her. This fuking low life who calls herself a mother will do anything to get meth hence the reason why she so quickly spreads drds. She will fuk u for a point. LEGIT!! she will set u up to be robbed or will straight up rob u herself if given the opportunity. She lives at 654 6th street east. She invite u downstairs for a good time then have her brother’s come down and strip u for everything while ur trying to put ur pants back on. She not only makes PA’s most wanted list but also wins top 5 shittiest human being award of the century. Birch be nasty and 100% confirmed dirty!!!

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