Hanni Steele — The Truth About Hanni Steele

Hanni Steele The Truth About Hanni Steele.Hanni Steele, Hanni which is a fake name by the way. This girl has intercourse with old men to pay her rent. She also flashes her fancy cars on social media, oh I mean, her sugar daddies cars, when she doesn’t even know how to drive at 21 years old. She also uses cocaine and starves herself to stay “skinny”, she grinds her teeth constantly due to drugs. You can catch her with a bottle in her hand dressed to work the corner. She has no friends because she is bi polar, frantic, fake, back stabbing and puts on a front like she’s hard but when confronted stays quiet. A young girl that is ran through and needs some immediate mental help. She is looks obsessed and very insecure. Get help, you crazy bi polar money hungry no hustle having @55 b1tch.

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