Scott Smiechowski — Player Of All Players

Here’s the typical meathead that stares at himself constantly in the mirrors at the gym, the mirrors at home, at the mall, reflections in car windows and etc. He thinks he his gods gift to women as he has multiple dating profiles including his POF account that’s under RiderAF12, a bumble account and a tinder account among many others. Also has two different Facebook profiles where he likes just about any half naked or pouty lipped girls whether he knows them or not. Pure definition of a narcissist as well. Tells everyone he’s single and looking for that final missing piece to his life, meanwhile constantly tells a girl he’s been screwing over now for over 3 years that he loves her, wants a life with her and all that, meanwhile he’s on every dating site known to man and is a constant creep af LA Fitness in Bridgeville as well as Robinson

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