No Justice For Codi “Geno” Joyce

My son Codi Joyce was murdered at a house party in Munhall, PA (just outside of Pittsburgh) on September 27, 2015, at the age of 23 years old. There were approximately 25 to 30 people at the party. We have known since day one, the individuals involved in the brutal beating and murder of my son, yet to this date not a single arrests has been made. As you can imagine, it is hard enough to lose a child – the pain and heartache are unfathomable to those that have never had to deal with such a loss. However, the circumstances surrounding his death have added another dimension of pain to this hurtful tragedy.
From the beginning, we have had very minimal discussions with the homicide detectives, local and county law enforcement, and medical personnel. Answers to questions were extremely vague and lacked substance. County detectives and the Assistant District Attorney have been rude, uncaring, intimidating, and have shown a complete lack of compassion towards our family’s loss. They have valued my son’s life as if it didn’t matter. They have treated my son as if he were the criminal in this case and had him at fault from the very beginning. It has been undeniably traumatic to say the least. To this date, a county detective visited with Codi’s mom one time. She and I have had one meeting with the Assistant District Attorney – Mr. Kevin Chernosky. Not one meeting has taken place with the Allegheny County District Attorney – Mr. Stephen Zappala, nor has there been any contact. Throughout the entire meeting with Mr. Chernosky, he spent over two hours defending the acts of the criminals. He flat out lied to me concerning an individual’s involvement in the murder.

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