Mt Lebanon Nazi Trash Matthew Krut

Oh, the humanity!” it never stops this is Matthew Krut straight outta the trailer park at his backwoods inbred white trash girlfriend (Aimee) place in Magnolia, OH Aimee was throwing a baby shower for her wannabe “gangbanger” brother Michael Jett’s fiancee Hannah Freshour and the next day going to an anti-planned parenthood protest to harass Christian pro-life protesters from the Christ Presbyterian Church in Canton, OH everyone had their suspicion that Matthew Krut!!! was a Nazi (evidence) speaks louder than words the Nazi flag proves it. Matthew is running a casting couch studio right outta his mother (Lucy Krut) basement and paying underaged girls to have sex with him on video Matt’s girlfriends father “Michael Paul Jett” is the ringleader and recruiter; over this past weekend at the Mt Lebanon Public Pool Matt recorded himself having sex with an 17 yr old teenage girl in the pools men’s restroom.

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