Molly Up Keffer Wendy’s 4 For 4

Let’s start off by saying Molly has drds she has 4 kids to 4 different guys. She is a dirty b1tch her house is so gross I wouldn’t let my dog go in without shoes. She cares nothing about her kids. Everyday they go to school with dirty ass clothes on smelling like cat piss. She never baths them not does she bath herself. She drives a car that only fits 5 ppl so she makes her 3 year old sit on the floor of the car everyday. Thank God she decide to get her nasty pu55y fixed so she can’t have no more kids to abuse. She only wants her one kids ssi check. She a worthless mother. She thinks she a gangsta but really only talks sh1t till you call the who’re out. She needs to stop being a dirty who’re and go wash her a55 instead of trying to be a thug. Shes a great d1ck sucker but the pu55y is trash. Maybe one day her so called man will stop cheating on her so they can be a pretend family or not…

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