Lisa Maldonado — Skank From The Bronx

This pathetic individual is originally from the latrine known as the Bronx and now residing in PA. It travels frequently back to NY under the ruse of seeing family…..HA!!!!! In reality she shamelessly pursues and F**ks married men with families, even though she herself is married as well. I guess that’s what people who have no morals or respect for others does. I TRULY hope if her butt ugly husband is still in some way attatched to this skank he sees this….. and well……..appreciates the information. Clearly she was raised by a worthless tramp who taught her this behavior….seeing as her own mother knows about her degenerate and disgraceful behavior and actually condones it……not surprising in the least ……but wait ……there is more…….her own daughter also knows she is screwing married men and is also ok with her mothers immoral persuits…….the rotten fruit never falls far from the tree. AND yes there is plenty of proof…, voice recordings, text messages and even video!!!!! So for those of you out there who have the displeasure of ever crossing paths with this pathetic, putrid, revolting inside and out excuse of a human being just know that she has no quams about screwing your husband right under your nose. I suppose her husband either took the high road or is completely and utterly clueless or perhaps just doesn’t give a damn who and what she is doing. NOT shocking with a face like that. IT/she isn’t too bright to say the least either……from the limited vocabulary and embarrassing lack of correct grammar and spelling in text msgs…… is clear to see, ……….LOL …….and utterly painful to read and listen to. I know karma will pay a visit sooner or later……..and everything that she is spreading, besides her legs……. will come crashing down on her. I hope you rott in hell you worthless, pitiful, pathetic piece of human excrement. You reap what you sew!

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