Keyon Lochard — Nasty Dude

Keyon lochard is a dirty man a man who live for drugs like PEPSI meth and pills and will do anything he will fuk dogs and cats to get his fix and sleep with people boyfriend and will ruin your whole life and rape young teenage boys don’t let your children around him he come off a nice but certainly is not he live in Clairton PA with a guy who runs a meth lab out his house the house is being a trap house this guy dose not work he live a dangerous life is known for having DRDSand passing it around he dose not care who get its warring if you see him walking are driving pass run but yet call and report him he is the most disgusting us men to ever walk the planet don’t trust him the biggest pepsi head in Clairton PA he has been spotted in Duquesne McKeesport but mostly were he resides he will fuk anyone you know just get him high and see the tricks he can do keep your men and animals close to you at all times

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