Valerie M Valenzuela — Fake A55 B1tch

So this miss Valerie M Valenzuela is such a stupid b1tch how are you going to get mad at a married man telling you that he wants to be with his wife when you been fuking all kinds of guys??? && How is she trying to claim that she this Catholic and lives her life by God but has been messing with the same married man off and on for the pass 5years and she swear that if you live wrong God is watching and you’ll get yours . What b1itch?!?!? How can you think that what you do is okay?? How??? I really need to understand. At the end of the day everyone needs to know what a h0e this girl is or how she just truly doesn’t give a fuk about anything. I really hope you get what karma you deserve valerie! Add her on Instagram if you want a quick fuk @miss_valeriev

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