Heather Celaya — Sack H0e Who Smashes Homies

I could go on & on about this disgusting thing but I’ll make it short.. She is so toxic, evil, shady, manipulative, envious so yes a big ol HATER HATER HATER. She will & has fuked the friends & relatives of whoever she is in a relationship with. Phoenix Men know this POS & those who haven’t crossed paths with this slut then this is a warning. She will ruin or cause conflict in every aspect of people’s lives. She loves Meth & thinks she is hot shit while she walks around with multiple men’s names tattooed on her , ya like that’s not a RED FLAG. LoL. She is Pure Evil. I’m surprised nobody has broke her jaw yet. She Hates everyone & is out to get what you have & if she can’t then she will destroy it. How I will describe her is when you look up Satan in dictionary there you find that H0es Mugshot.

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