Shylo George — Disgraced Ditch Pig Shylo GEORGE

Here is one of tha saddest storys in Pensh1tty. Shylo used to be a smart girl . Till she fried her brain with straight up man made poison . She shacked up with a c0ckroach named Garrett whos a lazy welfare bum , they having to scrounge for money fr Mr noodles everyday to support their drinking and mth smokin habitz. They got evicted , , he got her fired her new car repossessed , left her fam in the dust , so she could shack up with a floppy impotent, missing tooth, d1ck cheese covered woman beater . Garrett doesn’t even know how 2 change a tire . Probably can’t even tie his shoes either . Shylo give you head a shake . There is still time to get out . Ive seen u out lookin like food stamps in ur rusted out Mazda sh1t box , wit ur stinky fkn woman beater Garrett sittin in tha car . We are all so disappointed . U can still do right . Get out of the fkn gutter girl . He already gave you the burn when u pee condition from cheatin on you whenever u not looking.

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