Kristen Alexandra Backle

This little snaggle tooth b1tch needs to count her god damn blessings and stay hidden like the rat nosed b1tch she is or she will get whats coming to her soon. she is the whiniest cVnt I have ever met in my entire life!!!!!! she always tried to flaunt her flat a55 and burnt to a crisp so called blonde hair and try to get with guys at metric modular. heard this bitch was drooping gang green out of her trans- pu55y. Always posting about how her bf wont give her attention and how he doesn’t give a fuk about her but he clearly doesn’t want to waste his time on someone who goes around her work ( METRIC MODULAR ) trying to fuk and suck every guys d1ck even if there taken. SHE LACKS SO MUCH RESPECT FOR HERSELF AND FOR OTHER PEOPLES RELATIONSHIPS. BEST ADVICE, TO ANYONE WHO KNOWS HER, don’t even touch it with a ten ft pole. You’d even need to burn it after.

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