John Antoine — Don’t Fall For The Lies He Tells!

So this is John Antoine, he is 22 has 2 kids with 2 different baby mommas. Never has apart of his kids life, was in and out of jail most of the time for his second child. John will show you the side of him that you fall for, but he doesn’t care about anyone not even himself. All he wants is to fuk and say what you wanna hear and move on. If you think your the one that he’s all yours, trust me he isn’t!! There’s probably about a dozen more thinking the same..! John is a women beater, he abused both of his baby mommas. He went to jail for assaulting one of them a few times. John is a drug addict, he’s addicted to any drug he can get. Does heroin and overdoses all the time, been brought back way to many times, so watch out if you decide to meet up with him never know when he may just die on you.! Could go on forever, but be careful out there, you will see the side of him that I’m sure both baby mommas didn’t plan to see.!

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