Jenny May Gustavsson — White Girl Wannabe Thug Who Keeps Slandering And Attacking Mom

The 18 year old pressed with attacking my friend who was just posted twice on this page. Sarah Halford. And here is the proof! She said to my friend who showed me. Racist b1tch with a racist ‘bf.’ Even though they have a no contact order in place. They still see each other. She’s facing years in jail because this guy has her convinced to take most the time. He’s beaten her up at least 3x he told my friend because he felt guilty? And confided to her one night about it. She’s spreading lies about my friend based only on the lies he feeds her. Because shes jealous maybe? My friend has a son with him. And even though this is a really bad guy and she has every reason to not be with him. She is still obsessed with him!! It’s kind of sad actually. She says Sarah is harassing him? But Sarah just had to change her number because the guy wouldn’t stop calling and messaging her. And getting 17 and 18 year old girls to keep messaging and attack her always. She’s trying to accuse my friend of doing drugs? But her and jesse were the ones caught with lbs of all sorts of drugs and ammunition. She’s never even once met Sarah in her life. And Sarah doesn’t do any drugs. If you’re gonna attack someone and accuse them of having a drug problem? Maybe you should know for a fact, they actually do drugs. Otherwise you are wasting people’s time and resources needed for actual kids in need!! What’s the matter Jenny? You don’t have a job or anything better to be doing with your time and life? Sarah is moving away. It doesn’t happen over night. But right. You’re a child with FASD. And you don’t understand adult things and how they work very well. Someone needs to give this girl an intervention and explain to her how pathetic she looks for attacking a mom who already faces so many obstacles and adversities in her life as is. Because clearly this child is clueless! Also that she isn’t black…..

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