Joseph W Brooks Cheater And A Liar And Robbed A Back And A Fraudster

Joseph W Brooks Cheater And A Liar And Robbed A Back And A Fraudster. I was with this man for five years and engaged after three months of dating him He had two boys and I raised them while he was working as a truck driver I was contacted many times on he was cheating on me through the last few years he denied it every time He has put me in major debt never paid the rent for seven months now I am evicted out of my home He is a fraudster we had a joint bank account that he said was closed a while back that he put empty envelopes in the machine total amount was 600 and now the bank wants their money from me. He and I purchased a new vehicle in June that he put in his name and ownership in his name We should of had the vehicle in both our names If he does not pay the payments for that vehicle I am to pay it when he took the vehicle two weeks after he left me He uses women to get a bank account in their name Gets you to be his nanny for his boys Try’s to hook up with all your female friends He gets all your friends to stop hanging out with you I never new in five years that he was unstable a bank robber and still married and still can produce children he does not care your age your size because all he wants is sex and to use women until he needs to run My family is so discussed and hurt and to top it all off he has sexually harassed my daughters I come to find out after He will treat your children better the his own and is an abuser to his own PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND WATCH OUT!!!

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