Lindsay Neville — Ottawa’s Easiest Floozy

Hear ye, hear ye! Gather round to notice Ottawa’s easiest floozy!! She takes no shame in being a home wrecking whore, so let’s shame her for who she is! A hypocritical bible loving pretender, and an n(EVIL)le by night. This slut has mastered the art of shape shifting, slick in the shadows she lured her prey, feasting upon families like a possessed jezebel. She has no problem teaching her whoredom to your children at a local daycare, something she started in her own home. Being locked up for 7 years wasn’t enough, she continues to try to pop babies with every man she meets while denying the fathers visitation. This woman should be the one locked up as she’s ruined so many families with her “righteous am I” attitude, but neglects the dirt in her own eye. Her children deserve a better parent than a public toilet seat, as she makes them a community project. She’s an embarrassment to those of have to associate with her. If you’re fuking her, make sure you double wrap and she’s a ses pool for DRDs, flopping her loose stinky pu55y while “forgetting” to take her pills then refusing an abortion.

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