Jean Luc Lamoureux — Complete Lying Sociopath

Jean Luc Lamoureux — Complete Lying Sociopath. I saw a post about Jean Luc recently. So I figured I would add to it. I met him a few years ago, he looked put together and was very charming. He swept me off my feet pretty quickly. Little did I know, that first night was 100% lies! He told me he worked for the government, had a Dodge Ram truck, owned a house in Riverside South. I later found out that he got fired from his gov contract because he got a DUI, his truck was actually bought by one of his sugar mommas Sophia- she is a 40 year old girl living with her parents paying for everything for him. And he lived in Riverside South with his mother LOL. He had $0 to his name and no job.. but had a Gucci belt on??? He began stealing from me, staying at my condo 24/7 doing drugs or sleeping all day while I went to work. He would make me go out for dinner with him and he would make me pay or he would steal my card and pretend to pay. The night would always end (or should I say begin) by buying pepsi. And when I say buying I meaning with my money. No one in Ottawa will front him drugs anymore because he never pays them back- that is why he finds women to use for money. He is a woman abuser, in and out of jail for numerous domestic violence charges (which he pleads guilty to every single time). He is on probation and house arrest all the time but does not follow the law. He is a scvm bag of Ottawa and I believe one of the most dangerous people because when you meet him at first, you can’t tell how awful he is. My advice to anyone in contact with this human is: STAY FAR AWAY

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