Jason Petrunik — Ottawa’s #1 Covidiot

Jason Petrunik — Ottawa’s #1 Covidiot. This guy right here is the perfect example of why Ottawa’s Covid cases aren’t decreasing. He has a huge social media presence due to his short lived life on the radio station Rebel 101.7 and the Bear 106.9 and is using this presence to spread unfounded information to his followers. Long story short, he thinks that we should be able to socialize and thinks that the government is taking away his social liberties. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself and whines all day and night on Facebook on how we should all just go and socialize. It’s actually pathetic how sad and how uneducated he sounds. He pretends to quarantine himself but is seen out and about. Listen people… this guy has no education! Don’t listen to his BS! This guy can’t even keep a job and is constantly feeding off of other peoples’ success. I don’t know why anyone would want to listen to this poor excuse of a human. I don’t wish Covid on anyone but maybe he needs a taste of it.

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