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Dennis Lopez-Gatineau/ Ottawa, QC, Ont, NB, AB, BC – All Around Trash. Hey Nick. I’m part of a group that tries to save women from losers & lowlifes & this one is on the top of the list. He tried with one so we checked it out & recognized him right away. Saw him here under Dennis C Lopez & Scumbag Dennis too so good to know some people already spoke up. The facts are there but a bit off & much worse. He has his toke here and there but his real thing is booze. Alcoholic since he was a teen. He can’t do anything without a drink to go with it & uses any excuse to justify & hide his junk. He gives you some crap about having cut it down but truth is only tried once because of his gf & even that didn’t last long. Full blown alcoholic with the short fuse that comes with it too & you know what that means. He’s known for it. Yes he’s been to jail & sold drugs & had a gun back when. Has 2 kids he never took care of. True. He runs from any responsibility. Always has. No different now except now this lowlife even uses his 19 yr old to try to look like the lost dad since he already used his dog to look like a good guy. Sleaze. In construction & can’t hold a job. True. Never held a job in his life but he’ll tell you he worked 5 years for a guy once. & he’s 37. Even with that he leaves out the part that he showed up only half the time because he was always wasted & hungover. Not a dime to his name then tells you he lives in the ghetto cause it’s cheap. When he gets any he blows it on sh1t & buying off his buddies, because he needs to be liked so bad. Wants you to think he’s Mr nice guy & all innocent. Just like his jobs, says everything is always someone or something else’s fault when it’s really all his. Grow a pair loser. He’ll tell you a story about something that happened to him, but only parts of it to make himself look clean. He leaves out all the rest on purpose because then it would be the truth & work against him. Has a gf-true. For years now. Checked that too & she’s a beauty & a sweetheart. Selfish lowlife just gets pissed bcs she’s smart & calls him on his sh1t so he can’t get away with it. Now if she only knew it all Nick. Wake up girl. She treats him like an ace & he laps it up on the throne he puts himself on so wants to get rid of her- no. Better. Knows he can never get anyone close to that league in his sorry excuse of a life so just tries to have it all & hides any proof of her existing to the public & on his socials instead. Never tells a female he has a gf, avoids any questions about one, or at best gives a sob story or lies about it so he can get the attention & score. He just invites you over for a game of cards, a movie or of course drinks. Uses the friend card too so he can gain your trust when it’s really all planned & could hide his sh1t later & say he didn’t do anything. Will even say you chased him. Lies to your face without blinking an eye. Might stick around a bit if you give him stuff, do something for him or if he needs you. If not expect a couple of one nighters at best so that’s true too. He’s been on every dating site that’s out there for years, a bunch at a time, in relationships or not & still is. POF & Badoo are his favorites but he uses them all, like Meetme & even Tinder. True. He chases the milfs but now this dirtbag tries for the kids too. He’s so desperate he’ll even use any FB dating site& groups like spotted Celibataire & Ottawa Singles. Best chance to get as many victims as possible & hopefully one that hasn’t seen him yet. Takes a break here & there to drop the heat until he thinks it’s safe then right back. The sex sites are really big for him though. Professional screen whore. Not bad enough. Wherever there are TS’s & CD’s you’ll find him. One of them who saw him said he even posted himself in Craigslist for it when it was around so now you can catch him on Doublelist or of those sites instead. Pictures don’t lie as you can see for yourself Nick. He’s gotten caught so many times & with so much crap that now he even tries to hide himself on the net using alias names, locations & age. Then even tries to get your pity & uses privacy as an excuse. Is this whore for real? He has a history since he was barely legal & is all over the net that anyone with a little effort can find to prove it. He’s known across Canada from the west coast AB & BC to Ontario & Qc to NB but women from all kinds of other places & areas have recognized him too from his attempts to contact them or their friends. Obviously It’s true, this disgusting freak screws anything but not enough Nick. He’s obsessed with backdoor sex & women who have d1cks and floozsys. That’s his real thing. Uggh. Like one girl said, small d1ck syndrome. He’s one of these guys that act all nice while the whole time he’s hiding behind his computer searching, stalking, whacking off to them behind it & screwing anything & I mean anything he can when he can. Better stay behind your computer or stick to the lowlife bars douche because once you’re actually seen you’re screwed. Beware ladies. Anyone thinking about getting something going with this douchebag better check his sh1t. A serious creep Nick. This lowlife is really sick. You can try to hide your gf loser but you can’t hide who you are because it’s not about her. You’re still the scum you are with or without one. Ladies, when you see this guy run. Slimes like this one need to be exposed so post your info on every forum you can, not just this one.

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