Craig Macaulay — Beware The Bells Corners Bike Taxi Creep

Hey Nik, What’s there to say about a creepy man that rides around offering rides to children and taking pictures of them ? Seems highly suspicious to me. But it gets even worse, Craig Macaulay of bells corners Ontario, has been caught taking pictures of kids while they swim…. He was hiding in the bush behind a local pool! This man is a TOTAL Creep, and seems to have an obsession with ‘Pedophiles’ according to his blog, and I can’t imagine why, takes one to know one.. The police have been involved with him over and over again, but he’s always on the edge of the law. The people of Bells Corners need to know this man is a THREAT and A CREEP and it’s rumored his bike has hidden camera’s as well as his go-pro and helmet cams! DO NOT TAKE THE BIKE TAXI – HE IS A FUKIN CREEEP.

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