Brandon Capaldi — When U Thought U Had Everyone Fooled

How can I even begin to speak of these two. Him Brandon Capaldi better know as a manipulator, Cheater(mushcap on fetlife) Samantha his low life gf that doesn’t put out so he goes else where. He’s been with his her for almost two years and cheated this whole time. This guy has no self respect for himself or his gf. The fact is that he dives into anything that that has a hole. I got an drd from this guy…I guess running to the doctors is the norm. he doesn’t wear condoms ladies EVER. this guy has no self worth? His gf is a dumb blond fool. Maybe she is doing the same thing behind his back. The funny part is Samantha was the only one left unsatisfied lmfao. I’m sure it makes her happy that he pleased everyone else abd didn’t stop until they were fully satisfied. please men she maybe just as easy. If u recognize her or just know her hit her up.

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