Alex Dupras — Deadbeat Drd Infestation

Alex Dupras — Deadbeat Drd Infestation. This deadbeat goof piece of s*** Knocks b1tches up and then claims they harass him when they want child support and help with their child. He thinks it’s not his problem, and that he shouldnt be bothered. He never gave a fk about his kid, he’s abandoned him more than once and comes up with this big speech about how he’s changed, then you realize its all lies again. He chooses whores and floozies over his own son. Starves his kid when he did have him over for visits. Had over 100$ and couldnt even feed the kid when he had him. Saved his money for a “date” with some hoe that bailed on him…hes got his priorities all fkd up. Fake as all fk and smells like sh1t…doesnt brush his teeth, doesn’t shower, still dresses like a poser emo lmfao…he’s fking disgusting. He has drd from his Ex Diana Zahab…and doesnt use condoms, he spreads it around. Biggest piece of trash youll ever meet, he doesnt give af about anyone but himself. Selfish goof piece of sh1t. He comes from a long line of selfish deadbeats and it stops at his deadbeat a55. Watch out with him hes a rat cop calling piece of sh1t!!!!

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