Tryna Jaggard — Sh1t Disturbing Manipulator

Cayuga and Dunnville Ontario beware of this hefty sh1t disturber, manipulator, trouble causing sh1t starter, two faced, slob, gross compulsive lying crack head This whore is hated by everyone Anytime she doesn’t have crack she goes and start sh1t with people and steal from people and makes up lies about people and spread rumours about anyone that she starts sh1t with When people tells her that someone snitched on them she start sh1t and think that they ratted on this lady and her kids This woman takes advantage of people ruin their lives and as for one time she does lots of illegal sh1t in tell hawk nests One day she hit a 15 year old boy for walking by her house and then he accidentally sprayed her with coffee She is a slob because she dumps garbage dog poop and cat litter out the window and every garbage out the window and she always dumps her pipes out the window and when they drop it by accident sidewalks gets stunken up and smells bad for little kids and dogs to smell it Any time she walks her dog she doesn’t clean the dog poop they leave they leave it on the side walk just to piss off their landlord One time she made one person that she take advantage of makes him turn his back on his friend and be a 2 face and try to get them not to be friends which is she likes to control people lives When she has people living in her house for free like random people she keeps them hostage by selling them stuff and telling them they owe them money trying to rip them off And make them stay and tell them if u move out I’ll beat u up Any people they know with a girlfriend or boyfriend she try’s to get them to break up and it never works She got her self banned from every store for stealing and causing drama in Dunnville and cayuga so keep your distance from this chick She likes to harass people for money and anytime she mooches off people she disrespects them This woman also likes to get 120 mg of methadone everyday.

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