Theo Nicholson — Kitcheners Dirtiest Jamaican

Theo Nicholson — Kitcheners Dirtiest Jamaican.This guy is honestly the most disgusting pig I have ever met in my entire life. He hunts out his prey on social media and when he meets you he expects to not only get laid, but to let him stick his d1ck in your a55. When you tell him no he belittles you. He will then force himself on you and show you videos of him screwing other girls making you feel like shit because you won’t do the things that they do. It’s absolutely repulsive and disturbing how he degrades women. He is the biggest mental abuser I have ever come across in my entire life. He is Permanent resident here from Jamaica. He is the type of guy who gives black men bad names. He’s a cocky Douche bag who talks a big game but if he keeps up is cringy anal rapist sh1t I can’t see him being here to much longer. Ladies do yourself a favour and stay away from this one.

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