Matthew Antonio Businaro — Matthew Busibeats Businaro

Matthew Antonio Businaro — Matthew Busibeats Businaro. This so called man likes to prey on good unsuspecting women. Claims hes a spiritual single man who has been sexually abused by the women hes dated but in reality he uses this sob story to pull on your heart strings. He may come across as this sweet intentioned guy who has his head on his shoulders. Shame to say hes admitted hes only a child himself! Maybe he acts this way to cover up his erectile dysfunction or the fact hes just a complete d-bag! Be careful because he found me on instagram @busibeats, he told me he has a bot that adds 100s of people and then deletes whoever doesnt follow him back. After he says whatever he thinks you want to hear to get what he wants – he cuts you off and tries to put the blame on you for confronting him about his actions. Sorry not sorry Matthew Antonio Businaro. Just warning my sisters out here so they dont get played with because my heart and head hurt.

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