Lance Murray — Psycho Diddler. Woman Beater

Nik, got one for you on blast. Lance Murray. If you see how this man lives, you would wanna puke. Chicken sh1t all over his house, muddy floors, he let’s birds sh1t on his bed and couch too. He’s hoarding animals like crazy. He doesn’t shower for months, has no car, and always broke. I recently noticed that he has an attraction to his own fat daughter. I heard the way they talk, and seen how he is with her. His family are weirdo’s. The mother of his kids, takes naked pics of her own daughters. His daughters take naked pics, and post it all over online. Lance has a pic of his daughter’s breast hung over his bed. Ew that’s fuking sick. He also likes men. He meets them and has sex with them. He is a narcissist. Brags about ripping people off. I saw him rip a sick old lady off. He digs in garbage bins for food. He is always on the scout for people to use. He has been using me for my car. Uses all my gas too. Driving around all day. Leaves it a mess, and caused repairs on it. He asked me a year ago to give him a pic of myself when I was 13. He’s about to go to jail for driving without a license lol.

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