Jenn Norma Ryan — DRD whores Jenn Norma Ryan

I go by many names . Jenelle Norma Ryan , Jenn Ryan , Norma Ryan . But the best name is DRD whore. I have contracted hpv about two months ago . During that time I slept with a few people bf , I ruined a marriage because I went suicide on the guy I like so he’d sleep with me . I like to fuk on old garbage mattresses , work truck , any other vehicle . I am kinda attach to men with trucks and a bank account . I m pregnant now , and I don’t know who’s the father. I slept with 15 people now. And have pretty much given them all DRD that is incurable. I know I know I am a big a55 whore! But I don’t know how to change that . I ll tell you right to your face I would go after your bf if u left me alone with him . I have no moral or respect for myself . Big or small , thin or tall , as long as u drive me around and feed me I ll suk ur d1ck, and give u drds. Plus I won’t tell u I gave you drd as I am really ashamed of doing what I did . By the way I have 10 different facebooks.

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