Gerry Wideman — The Clown Of Drayton

This man if u wish to call him a man loves to lie, cheat, use women. He cant stay committed as why all his relationships last about 6 months if not less because he cant seem to keep it in his pants and everything will be your fault. He will say he wants a woman that is committed to him while he will be talking to other women or men. Not to judge his sexuality but he is bi sexual but doesnt want to admit it but you will catch him trying to cheat on you with men as well. He needs pills to keep it up unless hes doing meth than all he will want to do is have sex while watching porn constantly but if hes not high than good luck on having sex let alone it be exciting and yes it will be all about him. Hes been married and has 2 kids that basically want nothing to do with him. He doesnt use condoms and will sleep with anyone and anything so careful you’ll probably catch something.

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