Nate Meers — Compulsive Liar / Alcoholic / Delusional

Nate Meers — Compulsive Liar / Alcoholic / Delusional. I was dating him up until August 3rd 2020on August 2nd I found headshots of a woman named Linda Marie Malek in the back seat of his car while I was hooking in my sons car seat in his car. He claimed that she was old and ugly and he had not talked to her since 2006. He threw the photos away I. Front of me ( still did not make me feel better) as I would never in my life ever trust this guy – he was also tkakeing to a woman in Dallas Texas who lived in Cleveland that he planned to go see – she contacted me with all the text of details of cheating- I should have ended it then but we were pregnant together So we had to deal with that. Beware he is a smooth talker but a very compulsive liar , lives with his parents, has a drinking problem ( love vodka out of a blue plastic bottle) no job, smokes parliament ultra lights, says he plans to work for Amazon, and will prey on you if he thinks you have money to support him and his habits . Beware!

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